Manufacturing & Industry

Breaking the stigma that manufacturing and being ‘green’ can’t work in harmony.

The majority of our work with manufacturers is to showcase, and break down the barriers of environmental awareness within the manufacturing sector. There is often the misconception that because a facility has intense manufacturing operations, that this in turn couldn’t be associated with sustainable environmental management. However, this is not the case. Credibly Green provide reports which summarise the impact of your operations alone; which can be quantified into a relatable term specific to your business (CO2 emissions per unit). There are plenty of opportunities within the manufacturing sector to offset, change energy supply, and in some cases, claim a revenue of recycling waste streams.

Credibly Green can also be used as stepping stone approach to an integrated environmental management system such as ISO 14001. We are working with a UKAS accredited certification body to provide a service which can be fully integrated into a EMS system, as a recognised approach to achieving ISO 14001.

These reports include a Credibly Green award and a free press release for PR and marketing, providing a boost to your green credentials. Where improvements are made and KPIs achieved, Credibly Green will award through a Bronze, Silver, Gold grading scheme to celebrate improvement.

“It’s not about how well you perform in the first instance, but illustrating to customers, staff and other stakeholders your transparency and accountability. Credibly Green provides performance data for your operations to enable decisions to be quantified and benchmarked, to demonstrate impacts and showcase environmental improvements.”

Paul Frith, Director.

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