Circular thinking: Toyota Motor Manufacturing leading by example.

Author: Sarah Massey,  19/04/2016  Originally posted on LinkedIn here:

Last week part of the Credibly Green team had the opportunity to visit Toyota Motor Manufacturing at their impressive vehicle manufacturing plant in Burnaston, Derbyshire as part of the CIWM (Chartered Institution of Wastes Management)’s Circular Economy event and AGM.

Circular Economy: “a term used to describe an economy whereby products/services are designed, delivered and managed in a way which keeps resources in existence, and retaining maximum value, for as long as possible through effective design, re-use, repair, recycling.”

A packed schedule of delegates across the manufacturing, construction, waste management and community/NGO sectors gathered at the event to deliver talks on sustainable business management, innovations for delivering sustainability and implementing effective resource management as part of wider business management considering the circular economy and overcoming the challenges faced.

Sustainable manufacturing as business imperative.
From its Burnaston facility, the Toyota Motor Manufacturing group have set a precedence for illustrating how environmental considerations and sustainability can be imbedded within profitable business management models. The ethos of Toyota was one of effective and efficient business management that considers all aspects of business which lead and drive business success seeing the environment at its core. Speaking on behalf of Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Dave Chapman, Assistant General Manager within the Facilities and Environment Division, provided a detailed summary of the wider business environmental challenge illustrating how the objective of Toyota’s sustainable manufacturing strategy is to achieve commercial success while delivering a sustainable manufacturing operation.

Communication is key.
Followed by a tour which put the information into context, it was evident that through policies, targets, effective modelling and communication, Toyota continue to deliver an optimised service which meets vehicle production requirements whilst considering the environment in all aspects of their operations. At present Toyota have installed almost 17,000 solar panels (equivalent to producing 7,000 vehicles), have worked with conservationists and the local wildlife trust to maximize, promote and protect the biodiversity and natural surroundings, in addition to implementing a total waste management operation (through Green Metals UK). The key to their success? Communication. Toyota place their staff at the core, engaging with their ‘members’ on service delivery, optimizing production, and encouraging participation and ideas from individuals and teams through points, awards and initiatives.

Where do we go from here?
The overriding message from the day was that the implementation of a circular economy model reiterates that sustainability is here for the long haul, and that it should be considered as standard practice, not an optional extra. Speakers from the event have illustrated the successes which can be found from encouraging sustainable practice throughout a company structure, promoting communication and cooperation from all and illustrated the economic benefits which can be reaped from more effective energy management, not mentioning the improvements made in environmental performance.

Sustainability is a concept to be grasped by all. And by cooperation, communication and innovative design, companies can reap the financial, environmental and social benefits of sustainable business management.

Credibly Green has been designed with the Circular Economy at the forefront of its mind. We believe sustainability and environmental management supports business growth. Key priorities and issues of sustainable development are intertwined with business activities, with increased pressure to enhance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and disclose non-financial information (Directive 2014/95/EU).

We work with businesses nationwide and support our clients by providing a holistic, quality assured environmental report to showcase your commitment to the environment, boost your green credentials and improve environmental performance.

These cost-effective, independent, hassle-free reports are focused on ensuring our clients have the information to develop and improve environmental performance leading to a competitive edge with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Get in touch 01746 552423 / I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how environmental reporting could benefit you and your business.

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