Your customers, supply chain and employees will cherish a greener You

Author: Paul Frith, 03/05/2016 originally posted here

Sometimes PR is undertaken for PR purposes, it is there to raise profile only. A speech that doesn’t really say anything but reminds us that the person is there. By measuring your environmental impact, through our low cost service, you immediately have a story to tell – you can appreciate exactly what your impacts are as a business. This is good management. But what else is it?

It is intelligence to inform decision making. What would be the effect on our impacts if we changed electricity supplier, recycled more waste or installed that PV cell.

It is good employee relations (ER). Staff can come up with their ideas as to how the company can save energy or water and make efficiencies. They are making a personal contribution as well.

It is good supply chain relations (…SR?). Suppliers and purchasers may have their green procurement requirements and you can influence theirs, this can open new markets and retain presence in existing ones for the long term.

And it is real PR. Every step of improvement can be quantified in a relatable way to demonstrate you not only understand the environmental impact of your business but you manage your business well.

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