Greening your clients as a business strategy

Author: Paul Frith 15/04/2016 Originally posted on LinkedIn here

Yesterday, (14/04/16) we had the pleasure of joining aviation boarding ramp manufacturer Aviramp for their annual Expo. Held at the impressive RAF Cosford, the Aviramp Expo 2016 was an opportunity for Aviramp to showcase their range of ground support equipment to a host of national and international delegates.

Journalist and broadcaster Joanne Malin compèred the event throughout, leading discussions between Aviramp CEO, Graham Corfield, and existing customers of Aviramp, complimented by compelling talks from travel commentator Simon Calder, Martyn Sibley CEO of Disability Horizons and myself as part of the program. As a keynote speaker for the event, this was a great opportunity to speak to a wide range of delegates about aviation green procurement policies and illustrate that environmental improvements usually save money as well as provide differentiation for products and services. It is also, simply put, good management practice and business practice!

 Every company has environmental impacts, particularly in such a sector as the Aviation, renowned for being carbon intensive. Engaging with all business sectors is one of the reasons that our Credibly Green service has been designed with flexibility as well as diligence in mind.

Credibly Green is an environmental reporting service intended to help our clients illustrate to customers, purchasers, supply chain, prospective employees and staff that it takes its environmental responsibility seriously. It is not necessarily about where you are starting from, but more about understanding where the impacts are, with information to enable effective decision making that will ultimately move your business towards sustainability.

Within the aviation sector this is particularly important. As multinational companies seek areas for environmental improvement, and develop innovative ways of incorporating renewable energy, effective waste management and sustainability within their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – suppliers and procurement teams increasingly look towards those services and products with consideration for the environment. The procurement policies of Heathrow Airport, Virgin airlines and many others are examples readily available and in active application today.

Credibly Green deliver to clients a reporting service which will measure environmental impacts to allow simple comparison and prioritisation. It provides environmental performance data that will support decision making by making it easily quantifiable for its environmental benefit that can also be promoted in PR and business development works. Good environmental policies and practice can be a great motivator for staff and prospective employees as they identify further improvements for a more sustainable business.

  For more information on the Credibly Green service, please feel free to get in touch 01746 552423, or Credibly Green welcome the opportunity to discuss how environmental reporting could benefit your business.

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