How Green is Your Love?

‘How deep is your love’ is a fantastic tune from the Bee Gees, a true example of great songwriting (as well as playing). They were committed to their art and crafted it close to perfection, and more than that… it was original.

Taking your business to a world class place, in terms of sustainability and the circular economy requires similar attributes: commitment, hard work, skill and originality.

I was at a conference yesterday attended by Sony who were explaining their work engaging with the EU around voluntary initiatives for the circular economy, looking at aspects such as product durability of their games consoles. It occurred to me that whilst this may be considered good practice to have these discussions is there the commitment or the originality to their work in this area?

In my experience (or rather that of my son George), the consoles don’t fail because the design means that they break – our Xbox 360 was second hand, and still works fine. It becomes obsolete because the latest games are only made for the latest incarnation of the console…

“There are some really cool games that are only available for the Xbox One and the PS4, like ‘Uncharted 4′”, George Frith, 11

So surely a greater contribution to the circular economy from this sector would be to specify that games on their platforms must also be designed to function (albeit potentially in a more restricted functionality in some circumstances) on at least the previous incarnation of the console. This could arguably sell more of the latest games (preferably downloadable to avoid waste), make them accessible to more children (not just those with more affluent parents!)  and be a far quicker and more effective environmental benefit than a (presumably) long winded EU discussion about voluntary arrangements on design – which will no doubt change with each new console.

Although this approach would sell less consoles… but this is the challenge of the circular economy… original thought (like the Bee Gees!) and new business models… it would make Sony more attractive to the parents purchasing birthday presents than X Boxes or vice versa. But would either have the commitment?

The brilliance of the Bee Gees remains with us, whilst thousands of other bands are lost to history.

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