Greening your school and community

Schools can really take a lead in ‘walking the talk’ on environmental issues, starting with their own operations, and spreading the word in their local communities. An example in Shropshire being Lawley Primary School which has recently been awarded a Credibly Green stamp for their environmental report.

At Credibly Green we measure key impacts of a school (water use, waste management, electricity, gas use), and present these impacts as CO2 equivalents so our clients can see where the main environmental impacts come from and how big they are.

We also support the school by demonstrating the savings already made (e.g. by recycling or energy saving initiatives) to motivate pupils and staff, and those that could be achieved by other improvements, to inspire further changes.

We present the information both as a simple set of graphs and conclusions in a short certificate and as a powerpoint presentation that could be just as suitable for use in an Eco club, on the school website or for informing Governors.

This service is low cost and is accompanied by information, from chartered environmental professionals, for management of the school to save carbon impacts (and usually money as well). However the internal management of the school is only one aspect that we support, we also encourage wider engagement of the community and have materials (here is an example of one of our banners) freely available to customers for use in their events, such as summer fairs.

Glass strip banner

Pupils can help monitor energy use, establish green initiatives and the Credibly Green service is an independent measure to lend an informed voice to ‘shout about the achievements’, and so we also provide press releases, a credibly green stamp and tweets as part of our PR support.

Where schools demonstrate improvements or high performance against a benchmark, bronze, silver and gold stamps are also available. For any queries please contact us on or call on 01746 552423.

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