ECOSAFE -Fleet Driver Training

Since launching Credibly Green we have been fortunate to meet a lot of businesses working with the sector providing us with an extensive contact list of recommendations to provide to our clients. This means our reports can be perfectly tailored to a clients requirements, and can work to best advise businesses on how to implement changes effectively, efficiently and most importantly with minimal impact on the business but with maximum return (reduced energy costs, improved recycling, or enhanced business reputation.

Last week we met local company ECOSAFE Fleet Driver Training Ltd, who, backed by the Energy Saving Trust provide training courses which highlight where cost and carbon savings can be achieved by increasing the efficiency of your driving.

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ECOSAFE Fleet Driver Training Ltd offers a variety of different fleet training courses for car and van drivers – typically, people who drive for work. Our fleet courses are designed to meet the occupational road risk needs both of the driver and the organisation, and cut the costs associated with running a fleet.

Ranging from full-day practical training courses through to on-road assessments, we also offer classroom workshops on different driving topics – for example, fuel efficient, safe culture, line manager, speed recognition – as well as a full suite of online training modules (e-learning). ECOSAFE Fleet Driver Training Ltd also offers specialist courses – minibus, 4×4 and personal security – for employees driving ‘at work’ in a car or van.

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See for more information.

Our Credibly Green reports are designed to inform clients of their environmental performance, to provide low-cost management information of your businesses operations (CO2 emissions for energy, water, electricity, waste and recycling) and illustrate a commitment to the environment. We help clients to ascertain where improvements and efficiencies can be made, ensuring that your business is successfully operating for the ‘greater good’ with the aim of also providing savings in the delivery of your own core services.

To see how Green Credentials could boost your business, .


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