Lawley Primary School wins ‘Green’ award for 2016!


Lawley Primary School is awarded a Credibly Green ‘Green stamp’, as environmental measurement company Credibly Green report on the environmental impacts of the school operations. Showcasing its commitment to the environment, Lawley Primary School is taking strides towards effective environmental management.

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If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it. And that is exactly what Lawley Primary School has done. Using industry standard data, and a bespoke Carbon Toolkit, Credibly Green has delivered an independent environmental report to the school and awarded its ‘green’ stamp for environmental awareness.

This Credibly Green report represents the carbon emissions equivalent of the school operations in terms of gas, electricity, water, waste and recycling usage between April 2015 and March 2016. The report found that Lawley Primary School is achieving a recycling rate of 49.5% through the current recycling service: paper and card collection, and a combined plastic, tins and glass collection. A full breakdown of the total carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions from Lawley Primary School activities is included within their report. Lawley Primary School installed solar PV cells in October 2015 which have already saved over 2 tonnes of CO2e emissions through renewable energy generation and would be envisaged to avoid closer to 5 tonnes CO2e over a full year of operation (10 – 12% of the total electricity usage of the school!).

Through simple measures, Lawley Primary School can look to further reduce its environmental impact, and providing a positive message to their pupils and community.

 “Schools have a key role in introducing and developing environmental awareness. By taking steps to measure and understand the key impacts of their own operations, schools can ‘walk the talk’ and be advocates of change by example.” Paul Frith, Director.

The issue of a Credibly Green ‘Green’ stamp means that Lawley Primary School has been independently assessed for the environmental impact of their key aspects. All Credibly Green reports covers the energy (water, electricity and gas) and waste and recycling usage. We encourage our clients to include any additional key impacts which are pertinent to the client’s operations. The data given in the report is correct at the time of issue based on information provided by Lawley Primary School.

To see how Credibly Green could help your school’s environmental performance; increase access to grants and funding, and raise your profile. Call our team: 01746 552423 or email

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