Testimonial: Burlen Fuels

Dispelling the myths that manufacturers rate poorly in terms of environmental performance is part of the reason we developed Credibly Green. By working with Burlen Ltd we were able to illustrate that the performance of their on-site operations was much better than expected and through informed decisions on their energy supply, the company could achieve almost carbon neutral for their Salisbury facility.

“The Credibly Green service was very useful for us as a company improving our environmental performance. As a result of the Credibly Green report we have implemented a staged LED lighting replacement programme, changed energy provider to a low carbon alternative and made some waste management changes. The savings in carbon terms have also been demonstrated in financial terms and far outweigh the costs of the service. Very impressed.”

Mark Burnett, Managing Director

Credibly Green in an environmental reporting service designed to provide businesses with simple to understand, cost-effective environmental management information to help make informed decisions as to increasing energy efficiency, achieving savings, and building CSR through an illustrated commitment to the environment. For more information see www.crediblygreen.com or call the office: 01746 552423

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