Testimonial: Lawley Primary School

Gaining client feedback is important to us at Credibly Green, because it not only ensures that we can gather direct feedback to specific reports, but it also provides the information we need to make improvements so that we can continue to deliver a service which our clients reap maximum benefit from.

Before the summer holidays kicked off, we worked with Lawley Primary School, based in Telford, to produce a Credibly Green report for their school. Lawley Primary School have a dedicated environmental team and are passionate about ensuring they operate as sustainably as they can. Our Credibly Green allowed us to look at the benefit of installing Solar panels on the school building, highlight their great recycling rate, and illustrate their commitment to environmental management.

Many thanks to the School for a great testimonial:lawley-primary-school-testimonialIf you feel like your company, school or event would benefit from becoming Credibly Green, our reports are a low-cost, no-hassle route to gaining green credentials, through concise environmental management information

See our website for more information: www.crediblygreen.com, follow us on twitter @crediblygreen, or call us: 01746 552423

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