Shrewsbury Food Festival goes green for 2016!

Green Credentials for Shrewsbury Food Festival!shrewsbury-food-festival-logo

The Shrewsbury Food Festival is awarded a ‘Green stamp’ as Credibly Green report on the environmental impacts of the waste operations for its two-day event. Showcasing the hard work of Zero Waste Events (a social enterprise delivering the waste management operation), and the festivals commitment to the environment, Shrewsbury Food Festival is demonstrating effective environmental management.

If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it. And that is exactly what Shrewsbury Food Festival has done. Using industry standard data, and a bespoke Carbon Toolkit, Credibly Green has delivered an independent environmental report to the event, and awarded its ‘green’ stamp for environmental awareness.

Fshrewsbury-food-festival-cg-logoull details can be found in the Credibly Green report, however through smart waste management, as delivered by Zero Waste Events, Shrewsbury Food Festival have illustrated very strong environmental performance as regards waste management during the two-day event.

The report found that at the Shrewsbury Food Festival over 4/5th’s of waste is recycled. This is achieved through separate collections of the following materials: paper, cardboard, glass, combined plastic and metal, food waste, and (mixed) refuse. Nearly 2 tonnes of CO2 were saved by the recycling activity of visitors to the event, equivalent to boiling the kettle 37,382 times. The majority of this carbon saving is derived from recycling with a small proportion also attributed to the digestion of food waste arising from the festival*.

“Events play a key role in introducing and developing environmental awareness across its audience. By taking steps to measure and understand the key impacts of their own waste and recycling, festivals can ‘walk the talk’ and be advocates of change by example.” Paul Frith, Director.

Credibly Green provide an independent environmental reporting service to a range of clients seeking to gain green credentials, leading to market differentiation, commercial advantage, and most importantly, improved environmental management. To find out more, or to see what you could save, see or call 01746 552423.


*Recycling of waste often exhibits a net saving in terms of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. This is because the activity of recycling avoid the carbon impacts of virgin materials extraction, processing and transport.

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