Benham BMW achieve Green award!

Wolverhampton based car dealership gain’s green credentials.

Benham BMW is awarded a ‘Green stamp’ asbmw_logo_1-002 environmental measurement company Credibly Green report on the environmental impacts of the businesses operations at their Wolverhampton Dealership. Benham BMW is taking strides towards effective environmental management by showcasing its commitment to the environment.

Credibly Green identifies the carbon emissions equivalent of the company in terms of gas, electricity, water, waste and recycling activity between June 2015 and May 2016. A full breakdown of the total carbon dioxide equivalent emissions from Benham BMW is available within the report by activity and utility. However the results found that none of the waste generated during this period by Benham BMW was sent to landfill. Electricity use is by far their  largest contributor to annual emissions, followed by gas consumption, and so Benham BMW are actively seeking to develop electric point to increase the use of electric and hybrid vehicles, an area promoted by BMW, to reduce both local and global emissions impacts.

TBenham BMW Stamp.pnghrough simple measures, Benham BMW can look to reduce its environmental impact, and provide a positive message to their employees, clients and wider community.

The issue of a Credibly Green ‘Green’ stamp means that Benham BMW has been independently assessed for the environmental impact of their waste management operations, energy and water use.

For more information see or get in touch to see what you could save.

Credibly Green provide a nationwide, independent, quality assured environmental reporting system using operational data to derive carbon performance. It is a cost effective service to measure, improve and champion a customer’s environmental performance.

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