Corporate Social Responsibility for Small Businesses – you are doing it you just don’t realise.

Local economy

Moving things around the world causes pollution and carbon emissions, changes land use and degrades biodiversity. The external costs of this are paid for by society in many ways via ill health, weather extremes, degraded land, conflict and migration. Local economies are more sustainable, money circulating in your community has much more potential to do good and not have externalities costly to every one indirectly. If you are a business mentor, have apprenticeships and employ locally or purchase locally this all supports your local economy. Your money gets spent locally and does not go out of the country.

Global resource depletion

We live on a planet of finite resources, many things are being used at such a rate that we cannot get them out of the ground fast enough or grow them fast enough. This causes unstable market prices and interrupted supply chains. Does your business mean that fewer resources are used? Such businesses include app developers and cloud computing, by using less paper and computer hard ware. If you encourage healthy living by eating less then you are encouraging people to use less of the resources needed to grow crops. Life coaches who help people to have less stuff in their lives can also claim to have influence here.

Community engagement

Many of your potential customers will be on your doorstep. What better way to raise your profile than by sponsoring something, a football team or a school project, giving to a local charity or volunteering your time to help or share your expertise? Think of the wider value of your community engagement. Sponsoring a football team keeps children off the streets and keeps them healthy, this has a wider social good in reduced costs to the tax payer. If your sponsorship was not there would the football team exist, what would those children be doing instead? Social value is a tricky thing to get your head around, the ripples that flow out from what you do can go an amazingly long way.

Eco-friendly procurement

Do you buy reconditioned, recycled or reused things? Do you buy fairtrade, locally produced or eco-friendly products? Do you try whenever possible to buy locally? If you buy from a large corporate do you ensure that they trade ethically?

Waste, energy and transport

Everyone recycles their waste and that’s great. Can you do anything with the waste you send to landfill? Could you resource match, give to charity, freecycle or send it to be made into something else? Monitor your energy use and endeavour to reduce your electricity bill, keep your heating bill low by encouraging your staff to wear layers those that feel the cold can add them those that don’t can take them off. Can you install solar panels? Drive efficiently and expect your staff to do so too, cycle to work, car pool, and car share.

Be Proud

Don’t be shy, be proud of what you are doing to make the world a better place for future generations, blow your own trumpet and tell people what you do. An excellent way to show that you care for your community and environment is with a carbon report. At Credibly Green we can do this for you, we will produce a report, provide you with an action plan to make further improvements, a Credibly Green logo that you can use for your marketing and a press release. We will not judge you, we are here to help.

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