Ludlow Food Festival awarded ‘green credentials’

The Ludlow Food Festival have been awarded ‘green credentials’ as Credibly Green report on the environmental impacts of the waste operations for its three-day event. The Credibly Green report celebrates and showcases the smart waste management practices implemented and delivered across the three-day event with the help from Zero Waste Events.

Ludlow Food Festival have successfully measured and managed their environmental impact of the three-day event and have been awarded a ‘green stamp’ for their commitment to improving environmental performance and reducing carbon emissions. Credibly Green have identified the carbon equivalents of the waste operations using a bespoke Carbon Toolkit which have been documented in the Credibly Green report.

A fantastic 73% of the waste generated at the three-day event was sent for recycling, this was a result of the multi bin collection system (and excellent participation by the visitors!) of separate waste streams coordinated by Zero Waste events. The waste streams included glass, plastic and cans, cardboard, paper, food waste, compostable material and residual waste.

3.8 tonnes of CO2 were saved by the implementation of effective waste management with the majority of the savinludlow-food-festival-stampg being achieved by recycling* and a small proportion through the anaerobic digestion of food waste and compostable material. The carbon saving achieved across the three-day event is equivalent to watching TV for 12 hours a day, every day for 15 years!  If Ludlow Food Festival were to have sent only the food waste generated at the event straight to landfill, 210kg of CO2 equivalent would have been produced which is the same as driving a medium sized car 488 miles.

With the help of Zero Waste Events Ludlow Food Festival have developed environmental awareness across its visitors and exhibitors and are now able to celebrate their ‘green’ success.

Credibly Green work with businesses, events and schools nationwide providing an independent, hassle free environmental monitoring and reporting system which provides clients with focused information to both develop and improve their environmental performance. To find out more, or to see what you could save, see or call 01746 552423banner

*Recycling of waste often exhibits a net saving in terms of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. This is because the activity of recycling avoid the carbon impacts of virgin materials extraction, processing and transport.

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