Testimonial: Ludlow Food Festival

Ludlow Food Festival have recently been awarded green credentials for the smart waste management practices implemented across the three-day event. Ludlow Food Festival implemented the smart waste management practices with the support of Zero Waste Events. An impressive 73% of the total collected waste was recycled.

Customer feedback is important to us as it helps us to identify ways in which we can improve our reporting service to ensure that our clients are provided with the information to improve their environmental performance and maximise the benefits of gaining green credentials. It also ensures that the service provided by Credibly Green remains efficient and of a high standard.

Many thanks to Ludlow Food Festival for a great testimonial:


Is your company, event or educational establishment looking to go ‘green’ in 2017 , our reports are a low-cost, no-hassle route to gaining green credentials which can help improve customer, stakeholder and staff engagement as well as enhancing your Corporate Social Responsibility.

See our website for more information: www.crediblygreen.com, follow us on twitter @crediblygreen, or call us: 01746 552423

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