Shining a Green light on Your Business

There are still a lot of green lights shining around our town at this time of year, in fact as a member of our local running club, we did a ‘Christmas Lights run’, the other week, stopping at every house with the most dazzling displays (see photo!).

But can you shine a green light on your business in 2017? I often make the case as to why it would be a good idea to do so, and as a company ( that provide environmental reports for businesses I suppose ‘we would do’. So in this blog I will look at reasons why you wouldn’t devote any resource to addressing environmental impacts of your company:-

·        We are too busy – Yes, primary business activities can take all your time, and indeed can become overwhelming at times, however as an owner of two businesses, it is important to also look ahead (and sideways) otherwise you can miss a big issue coming down the track. This may or may not be environmental related, an example of the former could be a key customer or supplier looking for environmental credentials and leaving you because you don’t meet their requirements

·        We are already successful in the market – Yes perhaps now, but see above! Suppliers, customers and other stakeholders are increasingly looking for environmental credentials from their business partners, and new markets may demand them.

·        We have done the environment thing before – We tried it and didn’t make the savings we wanted, or we had a system but it lapsed. To a certain extent this is a bit like saying we tried doing some exercise but did not get the results straight away so we stopped. Or the exercise class ended so we have now decided not to carry on – environmental impacts are on-going and whilst not all are statutory requirements it is still a good idea to understand them and for company health, and address them to help bring a long life.

·        We are sceptical about the ‘environment’ in general – we are unconvinced that the environment is something we need to be worried about. This is a big topic to respond to in a ‘one liner’, but the biggest issues are: resources and climate change. The population is growing and demanding more in terms of resources (quantity and complexity) whilst climate change remains arguably the most immediate threat, apart from war and famine (often with clear links to resources or climate).

·        We have the certificate we don’t need to do anything else – We already have ISO14001, the international environmental management system, so we have an environment badge, why do we need to do anything else? Again, to come back to the exercise analogy, it is a bit like saying I ran a Marathon two years ago, so I don’t need to do any exercise now. The key thing is to keep working at it, it doesn’t need to be an onerous process, but small steps can make a big difference and each step is an opportunity to shine a green light on your business!

·        As a manufacturer we will look bad – we often encounter the view that “as a manufacturer we will perform badly”, or “our sector has bad environmental impacts”, but our reports benchmark performance against yourself. A standing start is no bad thing, it is simply where you are, and a baseline against which improvements can be made, this can make positive PR.

If you want to go green in 2017, contact us on or call 01746 552423, or see for testimonials and more information. The main thing is to keep moving, that way you will stay ahead of the competition.

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