A quick, bespoke environmental metric for progressing your business

A quick, bespoke environmental metric for progressing your business

Measure it, improve on it and promote it. If you are looking for a low cost metric for your business, we apply an environmental impact measurement tool, developed and checked by Chartered Environmental professionals, to provide data on where the key impacts are and how significant they are.

This can be used, in the same manner as financial, HR and company operational data to report to internal stakeholders and in developing the strategic performance of the company. It will demonstrate the good management of the organisation by also considering environmental aspects, and this can be used for differentiating the company and business development as well as supporting access to new markets or supporting tendering exercises.

The Credibly Green reports are two pages long, and written in plain English to convey environmental impacts on a common scale (as kg of CO2), to answer questions like: is water usage more important than gas? What would be the benefit of recycling more waste? What would be the benefit of using a greener electricity source?

Draft press releases, tweets and a slide pack can also be provided to support internal and external PR.

Above all, we have a range of Chartered professionals on hand whom customers can call us up for independent information, contacts and advice on how to develop environmental initiatives that you wish to take forward.

For more information and testimonials see www.crediblygreen.com . We work in a wide range of sectors from education, manufacturing, retail, agriculture, events, automotive, professional services. Call 01746 552423 or email info@crediblygreen.com




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