Viewing your company through a Green Lens

As the owner of two companies ( and I regularly get updates on the businesses as regards financial performance, through sage reports, annual accounts, cash flow forecasts and so on. I also look at business performance in other areas like business development, future order book, product quality (ISO9001 in our case), legal compliance, competitor analysis, staff development, appraisals etc.

An area that many (indeed the majority) of companies do not consider is their environmental performance, unless it is a legal obligation, however most of the above list of business activities are not legal requirements, but are important parts of running a successful business. I would argue that as a minimum understanding your environmental impact as a company is just as important. There are a wide range of examples we can provide on how this can improve your business (in areas like business differentiation, PR, improved scores in tendering, saving money, opening new markets etc – see other blogs) but here is one example perhaps less obvious, but just as important:-

  • Staff engagement: we have been engaged by manufacturers to show to their staff the environmental side of business activities through our simple carbon reports. These look at all the key impact areas of a site and illustrate the magnitude of those effects are, to answer questions like: is water usage more important than gas? What would be the benefit of recycling more waste? What would be the benefit of using a greener electricity source?

Telling the environmental story of your company through a clear two page report (plus supporting slide pack that can be used for internal training, illustrate performance metrics in this area) helps engage staff in this area, and seek ideas from staff on how improvements could be made. Improvements often save money as well as carbon impacts. It also provides good internal (as well as external) PR and can be used to show prospective, as well as current, employees that you are taking the issue seriously.

Testimonials and full details are available on this blog and across Understanding is the first step to improvement: contact us for a chat 01746 552423, or drop an email and we would be pleased to discuss how to green your 2017!



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