Measuring and promoting environmental progress from a standing start

As a company that provides an environmental metric (a measurement of business activities in terms of environmental impacts), we often encounter the view that “as a manufacturer we will perform badly”, or “our sector has bad environmental impacts” but our reports benchmark performance against yourself.

A standing start is no bad thing, it is simply where you are, and a baseline against which improvements can be made. We work in a variety of different sectors from retail, automotive, manufacturing, agriculture, education, events, tourist attractions – each of which has different impacts, but we encourage improvement and measure again after a year, to quantify and enable you to shout about those improvements.

In the meantime the following benefits are also delivered:-

  • Understanding of where the key environmental impacts are: for business owners and staff – this can help lead to improvements and focus efforts  on the areas of greatest benefit
  • Some good PR – both internal (staff) and external (local community, supply chain, customers) – we even provide draft press releases and tweets
  • How good could you get? The Credibly Green report provides a guide as to the benefit of trying different activities to reduce environmental impacts
  • Save money – energy use, water use and waste are usually the main environmental impacts – all of which cost money, and so by reducing any or all of them you should also make savings
  • Improve business competitiveness – whether through access to new markets, an improved bottom line, or differentiating yourself from the competition by a greener approach
  • Have someone to call – on environmental issues, we provide a Credibly Green report as an environmental metric, but our main aim is that you improve performance, so if you are a customer and have a query – call us up and we can help either with contacts or information or to provide another service if you need one.

Call us on 01746 552423 or email and we would be pleased to help.



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