Round up of our January Business Detox #GoGreenin17 campaign

Many thanks for those of you who have followed our January Business Detox campaign– we hope you were able to take some of the ideas away with you.

As January is drawing to a close here is a reminder to help you keep your new year’s resolutions on track;

  1. Make soup with left over food, it’s really easy and nutritious
  2. Ask yourself do you really need another pair of shoes. It’s not a bargain if you don’t need it
  3. Got food that is about to go past the use by date? Take to work and share
  4. Still got chocolates/treats left from Christmas? take them to a food bank to reduce temptation
  5. Make gift labels out of Christmas/Birthday cards
  6. Dispose of your Xmas tree in your green waste bin (helpful tip for next year)
  7. Unwanted gifts? Take them to a charity shop
  8. Got a new games consoles for Xmas? Take your old console to @Cex Stores are located in Shrewsbury, Telford, Stafford and Wolverhampton
  9. Thinking of booking your summer holiday? Tips on how to have a greener holiday can be found within the link below
  10. Been given a hamper and got items you’ll never eat (e.g. jams, pickles and chutneys) – donate them to a food bank.
  11. Replace disposable cups with compostable or ask staff to bring own mug in to the office
  12. Can any of your staff car share, it can be fun?
  13. How’s the diet? 75g/person of rice/pasta is all you need, beware it looks nothing when uncooked
  14. Need to do more exercise – have a walking meeting (allows you to get some fresh air and for those of you who received fit bits for Christmas it will help boost your step count)
  15. Buying presents – why not buy a day out at a local attraction and support the local economy. For example, a day experience at the Ironbridge Gorge Museum
  16. Got a meeting to go to – can you use public transport instead?
  17. Plant trees – they’re great for the environment, look great and cheer people up
  18. Some staff members too hot and others too cold at the same temperature? Ask them to wear layers and leave a warm jumper at the office.
  19. Plant some pollinator friendly plants and help food security- will help boost your CSR.
  20. Lighting areas you don’t need to? Take the bulbs out
  21. Leave things switched on overnight? Use power down plugs or timers
  22. Planning an event this year? With the help of Cwm Harry (Zero Waste Events) we can help green up your event and reduce the quantity of waste send to landfill
  23. Businesses that are eco-friendly are more successful. We believe that sustainability supports business growth. Set some green business objectives and reap the awards.
  24. Throwing away tea bags? Compost them and use the compost on your flower beds
  25. Plant herbs for staff to take small bits off to take home for tea, bees love them too
  26. Buy recycled products for the office for example purchase recycled printing paper, writing paper and for an extra few pounds you can create business cards which use recycled paper – vista print offer this option before checkout.
  27. Support the local economy and buy from the businesses around you. Support independent coffee shops instead of chain stores for example Greggs/Costa Coffee.
  28. Need office furniture? Buy upcycled, stunning furniture with more character
  29. Reduce your electricity use and replace bulbs with LEDs. Energy companies can support you with this process.
  30. All the clothes that are now too big for you – take to a charity shop, share your success with others
  31. Celebrate the end of dry January with a box of wine it is more eco-friendly than a bottle! Cheers

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