Transfer deadline day, green credentials and tender applications- what do they all have in common?

Green Credentials are now becoming essential for tender applications. Green credentials are now nearing the top of the list of requirements. Investors are looking for green credentials and whether a business has them is influencing their decisions.

You may not currently be tendering for work and do not intend to for a few months but you may come across a tender opportunity towards the end of the year which is of particular interest to you and your organisation. With busy schedules, meetings and general business operations, tender applications can be pushed to the back of the pile and left to the last minute. Stay ahead of the ‘deadline day’ and plan ahead, you will thank us for it. We can measure and provide you with green credentials in a time frame of approx. 2-3 working weeks once we have received the required information. Stay ahead of the competition and demonstrate your green Credentials and award now. Remember most businesses don’t know their environmental impact, we calculate and demonstrate it for you, so you can best target your goals and benefit from the associated promotion!

Our carbon reports cost less than a football agent makes in about 5minutes (!) and ascertain where the greatest environmental improvements can be made. By identifying and managing your impacts you can highlight on your tender application form that you are committed to investing and taking great strides to improve your environmental performance. The provision of green credentials highlights that you have acknowledged the increasing importance of implementing sustainable practices which will provide long term benefits.

Gaining green credentials enhances your Corporate Social Responsibility and tender applications are now incorporating this into the evaluation process. All reports are checked by Chartered Professionals, (otherwise known as the fourth officials!). It is worth also bearing in mind that caring for the environment, economy and surrounding communities and moving towards a circular economy is now a key priority for investors.

Just like ‘Transfer Deadline Day for football teams’ businesses need to continue to move forwards and strive for success. Changes need to be made, and new management procedures need to be enforced to ‘strike deals’ with long term benefits. Contact or call us on 01746 552423 for a chat about it or see for testimonials!

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