And the best tender award goes to ……

I am sure you have all seen or heard about the Oscar hiccup last night. Make sure you get the recognition you deserve in 2017.

Stay ahead of your competitors

Tender submissions now require you to be able to tick that ‘green’ box and have supporting evidence of your green credentials. Here at Credibly Green we help you meet this requirement as our environmental reporting services enhances your green credentials and allows you to confidently meet the required criteria. Our team of Chartered Professionals will support you and will help showcase your commitment to improving your environmental performance via our website and social media presence. Just like the Oscars we will award you with a ‘Green’ award and market your success across the local press, this can range from a carbon report, environmental policy, CSR policy or through to an internationally certified environmental management system.

As shown during the Oscars last night your competitor is not too far away, by gaining green credentials you are ensuring that establish clear water between you and your competitors and remain out front with regards to achieving awards and winning more work.

Size of budget

No matter what size budget contract you have, gaining green credentials will be of benefit to you. Moonlight (Best Film at the Oscars) has highlighted this: the film had a small budget but they have managed to achieve a string of awards and they are still reaping the benefits through the quality, not purely the balance sheet. Our carbon report and other services provide you with an array of benefits including a PR opportunity, a way to boost your Corporate Social Responsibility and potential reduced operational costs.

We are here to help– providing you with the support and information you need to take incremental steps to improving your environmental performance. Our standard Credibly Green service is a carbon report which is a low cost and low hassle way to identify your environmental impacts allowing you to focus your efforts on the largest impact where the greatest savings can be made. Additionally, we are now able to provide you with a consulting service, developing and implementing an Environmental Management System to the point of certification to ISO14001.

For more information, on how you can gain more awards in 2017 call 01746 552423 or email  





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