Pancake day – make it a flipping green one!

Whether the topping is Lemon & Sugar or Bacon and Maple Syrup pancake day is celebrated nationwide and marks the day before Ash Wednesday the beginning of lent.

Are pancakes the secret behind eliminating food waste?

The key ingredients to a scrumptious pancake include flour, sugar, eggs and milk. Flour and sugar are those staple ingredients hiding away at the back of our cupboards and the eggs and milk are those foods which have a fairly quick sell by date turnover which we often have to throw away. Getting the family together to celebrate pancake day and have a pancake flipping competition is not only great fun but is a way of using up those ingredients which may have been forgotten about.

Food waste  

Food waste is a global problem and with the rising population this is a major cause for concern with regards to increased food demand. According to the Food Standard Agency almost 50% of the total food waste in the UK comes from our homes. Education is key, the waste hierarchy clearly explains how waste needs to be addressed: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


·         Make a shopping list before you go to the supermarket to ensure that you only buy what you need, as it is very easy to get into the habit of buying the same items week in week out when you may not have used the item from the last week.

·         Make a meal plan for the week so you know exactly what items you need for each meal.


·         Freeze items on day of purchase.

·         Why not cook a few meals and put them in the freezer so they are readily available for those busy school nights. Easy and scrumptious recipes found at link below.

·         Fruit and vegetables are the most commonly thrown away foods. Make hearty soups and energising smoothies to preserve the food for longer.


·         Unavoidable food waste such as tea bags and vegetables peelings are to be put into your food waste bin/home compost bin. Any other food waste may also be suitable for a food waste collection service if your council provide one (check with your local authority what you can and can’t put into your food waste bin)

All food waste from pancake day can be recycled. Jazz up your pancake toppings and fillings by adding ingredients which may also need using up for example, bananas and yogurts- yummy.

 Food waste is an issue which needs to be targeted sooner rather than later. By educating your family on the importance of recycling and trying your upmost to reduce your homes food waste you will not only be saving pennies each week but helping towards a global crisis.



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