Running A Marathon – Do You Just Turn Up & Run Or Do You Prepare?

Prepare to win

So it’s the London Marathon on Sunday and my fitter colleagues inform me that you can’t just enter these things without some preparation. Anything in life is like this especially if you run a business. You’ve done your market research, you have a product or service people want, at a price they’re happy to pay and makes you a profit.  

If I tell you that your business is under threat, that things in the future are going to be different do you sit there and wait for the big day to come and you’re not ready or do you put a regime in place to start addressing what you need to do?


There are many things, in the future, that may strike us an unexpected blow. Some we know will have an effect e.g. climate change, resource depletion.  Some may have an effect e.g. conflict, antibiotic resistance and then there are the “unknown unknowns” which of course no one can predict.

Change will happen however, whether it’s forced on you by the real world or forced on you by policy change. Being ahead of the field and ready is surely a better position to be in than at the back, desperately trying to catch up.


Let’s be honest when it comes to your business and its effect on the environment, what is your position? For many of you it’s at the back of the race. For many sectors ISO14001 and corporate social responsibility /non-financial reporting are inevitable as the larger corporates push their sustainability requirements down the supply chain. Their brand is very precious they don’t want it ruined over night by a supplier acting irresponsibly!

Reap the Rewards

So when the day comes will you be ready? What a fantastic feeling to think that all the preparation paid off and you were as prepared as you could possibly be for the challenge. We deliver training (environmental!), can coach on systems (ISO14001) and monitor your (carbon) performance, as well as guide your technique (to compliance and good practice), to ensure you smash it on the day!

If you require help identifying future risks to your business give us a call on 01746 552423 or email


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