St George’s Day – The Reputation of Dragons

Dragons have historically been the personification of evil. In the story of St. George the dragon is the representation of the devil; dragons do not have a good reputation.

Fast forward to today and to mention the word dragon conjures up images of a line of five stern faced millionaire entrepreneurs whose reputations are very hard won.  They are not going to forfeit this lightly and work hard to protect their reputation and ‘brand’. This is why potential investees are often asked about the environmental impact of their product/service. If you are seen to be irresponsible then so are they. In this world of social media, reputations can go horribly awry overnight. United Airlines “re-accommodating” a passenger the other week, is a perfect example of this.

So when it comes to your business are you a dragon or are you St. George?

When it comes to the environment, do you care what impact your business is having? Do you even know what impact your business has? Does heating, or electricity use or water or waste deliver the biggest environmental burden? What about where you source your products from? Do you have a system in place to measure and manage your environmental impacts? This is the sort of stuff your bigger customers are going to start asking you. They have their reputations to protect, and their own systems may require them to look at their suppliers. As we now seek to forge new trading relationships overseas (there be dragons…!), if we can shine against the competition this can only be a commercial positive.

Whether it’s environmental policy, CSR reporting, environmental compliance obligations, tender applications, benchmarking your environmental impact or a full ISO14001 certification we can help.

Don’t be a lizard skulking in dark recesses, be brilliant, a knight in shining armour!

For further information, as to how Credibly Green can help your business call 01746 552423 or email, or see our website for testimonials and advice.

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