One Bonkers May Day Tradition That Needs To Stop


May Day has several traditions associated with it, one of which is Oxford people gathering around the Great Tower of Magdalen College at 6am to listen to the choir sing and then proceeding to Magdalen Bridge where they jump off into the River Cherwell – only 2 feet deep! Needless to say there have been many injuries which have resulted in the bridge being closed to the public on May Day. So why do people do something so reckless? Because it has always been done?

Do Nothing

Many things today seem to be done in a particular way because that is how we have always done it, even though we know it is going to hurt us. We have known about climate change and resource depletion for many decades now and yet we still refuse to do things differently. What will be the trigger to start us on a path to reduce our emissions and use fewer resources? If history is anything to go by it will be when things are really in a mess and far too late to start any meaningful mitigation.

‘Business’ as Usual

Is your business a “business as usual” operation, do you identify and heed warnings of trouble or are you so busy in the day to day that looking forwards and to the side are not on the agenda? Credibly Green has experts that can help you identify future risks and assist you with an action plan or business continuity plan for when things go pear shaped. We can help you be that forward thinking, ahead of the game business that is ready when disaster strikes or even just sneaks up on you slowly. Whether it’s supply chain disruption, logistics problems, energy security or one of many other potential concerns we will set you on the right road and be an environmental support service you can rely upon.

Get Informed

You may not act because you cannot know what you don’t know, but by signing up to our free email newsletter this will give you a heads up on latest developments, and if you would like a briefing, training course or dedicated support on implementing an environmental monitoring or management system we can also provide hands on support.  Give us a call on 01746 552423, look at the website for testimonials etc. or email


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