Icebergs vs. Love Island

On the 12th July the shocking news that a 6,000km² piece of ice was torn off Antarctica, making it one of the largest icebergs recorded by scientists. This event, however, was not considered half as shocking and news-worthy as who was being dumped from the Love Island villa.

Suitably, Mallorca and Antarctica could not be more different climatically, and apparently today’s social media-obsessed society were far more concerned with the breakup of islanders than that of ice sheets. To illustrate just how ‘unbothered’ the nation was by the news of the iceberg’s detachment, let’s compare the figures. Love Island’s peak ratings reach up to 2 million views a night on their nine ’o clock, prime time slot, however the news of the iceberg shared on Facebook by the BBC received only 39 comments.

It seems very fitting that on the day that reality television turned 20 that a show such as Love Island would dominate media when environmental issues are still being ‘pushed to the back of the queue’ in the mainstream news. There are many theories about why reality TV brings in such huge audiences. Could it simply be that the human condition makes us nosey? Or perhaps we do all need a guilty pleasure. Either way, as appealing as the idea of watching 13 attractive young singles parading around in swimwear could be, I don’t feel like it is perhaps as important as the state of our planet. But maybe that’s just me.

There is a certain other individual who threatens the importance of a greener way of life, he is yet to appear on Love Island (thankfully) and this man goes by the name of Donald Trump. His statements about global warming being ‘fake news’ and a ‘hoax’ I feel is rather ‘muggy’, which will ironically reflect the state of the weather in the USA if he persists in polluting it. Additionally, America’s recent withdrawal from the Paris agreement faces enough criticism from political and scientific peers that the timing of this iceberg event will surely face a response from him, albeit inappropriate.

Overall the outlook on global warming and climate change is one that needs violently uplifting, and frankly it saddens me that Love Island is even a thing let alone a thing deemed more important than the place that we live. In all seriousness, this region of ice sheet in Antarctica are forecasted to be their warmest in 400 years, as well as having zero summer ice cover for the first time potentially in millennia. So, my request to the population is to ‘recouple’ with the idea of being green and preserving our planet, even if it is for the sake of a few more series of Love Island.

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