Live Green, Live Long or Live Well?

In the news this week it was announced that life expectancy in the UK has plateaued. The average life expectancy for a woman is now 83 years. But should we really be trying to push life expectancy any further? The limit to life has been suggested to be 115 years! Do we actually want to be living to be that old?

Of the 83 years we are now expecting to live, a good number of those years will not be healthy. Many people now talk about healthy life expectancy (HLE), the age at which you will start to have health problems due to your age. The differences across our society in HLE are stark. For the richest 10% of women average HLE is 72 years, the poorest 10% of women average HLE is 55 years.

Living longer but with health problems has many implications for society the most obvious of which are health care and housing.

Behaving in an environmentally friendly way generally is good for your health; eating less food especially meat, walking and cycling more, consuming less means you have more disposable income to spare to spend it on time with the family and friends. So we have a dilemma. Advocating that we all live with a reduced environmental impact which is better for your health which means you live longer which increase your environmental impact. Note to self: do a (human!) life cycle analysis of this.

If you would like more information about how to reduce your environmental impact or life cycle analysis please feel free to contact us on 01746 552423 or email

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