Deposit schemes a hot topic!

Deposit schemes especially plastic bottle deposit schemes have been in the spotlight across the media over the last couple of months to try and combat the plastic pollution crisis. Over 8 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans every year which is a frightening statistic don’t you think!

Last month Nicola Sturgeon stated that a deposit scheme for drinks containers (plastic, cans and glass bottles) would be introduced in Scotland to particularly try and limit the plastic bottle menace. Wales are also looking to follow suit with a system which could come into force as quickly as the beginning of 2018. Key players such as Green Peace and Coca Cola support the scheme, last week Coca Cola stated that plastic bottle deposit schemes should be UK wide. Michael Gove the Environmental Secretary for England is currently appealing for views on how the deposit scheme system can work in England too.

However, what is the supporting evidence that these schemes have been successful/ are going to help reduce the impact of plastic pollution?

Sweden introduced their system back in 1984 for cans and 1994 for PET plastic bottles, recovered rates reached 86% for cans and 77% for PET plastic. Germany introduced a mandatory deposit system in 2003, results have shown that the system has been a great success and has helped remove 1-2 billion one-way containers from Germanys bins and streets.

Providing value to ‘waste’ is an incentive, that could slow down/reduce the plastic bottle contribution of the plastic pollution crisis whilst efforts are focussed towards improving the sustainability of packaging introducing the Circular Economy concept in the design of beverage packaging. The schemes help close the loop ensuring valuable resources are not lost out of the system.

We help businesses to future proof. In the same way deposit schemes have been implemented to reduce plastic pollution we help businesses to identify where they can make changes to improve their environmental performance, make efficiency savings and have the resilience to adapt.

Contact us on 01746 552423 for a friendly chat we are happy to help!

EU deposit scheme

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